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How to use gamegem

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How to use gamegem

Hello,YouTube,Today I am going to show you how to use gamegem



Step 1;download gamegem from cydia

Step 2:open gamegem and press the top right first button,the first of 3 button

Step 3:search the value you have now

Step 4:if the value is big than 200,change the value and search again

Step 5:press the button that under the search icon (the second under search icon)

Step 6:Press bottom left button to select all the result,and bottom right to modify the value that u selected

Step 7:Modify the value you want,don’t modify too much money

If have any problem,just ask me in

Sorry bad english

sorry for no sound

enjoy,and subscribe me pls,thank you

I will upload a in app purchase for free hack video after 3 week
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